Friends Like You

by Maxdmyz

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released January 7, 2002



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Maxdmyz London, UK

Maxdmyz are: vocalist Twister, Filon on Guitar, Drummer Jay, Vortex on keys and bassist A'Zedd.

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Track Name: No Control
want to tell you a story, about a woman I know brought up in a good home somewhere south loving parents -
a good home, a cocoon, a prison -
her mother changed her before she shit - that's exaggerated love - that's control caged in fat -
her protector, her imprisonment -
it's like a shield, a shell of - motherlove -
her father loves her and wants to fuck her, but he never says or does anything he says and does nothing -
he's got the money when you look in the mirror what do you see? when she looks in the mirror what do you see? someone that's thin that
wants to be free this excessive love -
love? made her want to slice off her legs and
cut away the backs of her thighs - to mutilate -
Munchausen's baby -
'We want you to be happy, but the way we want you to be happy - like your mother no control -
just a gut on legs and a fucking hole after years in the mental institutions we call schools and the torture chambers we call churches she's completely fucked up -
no, in fact she's sane, it's just that all around -
she's internalized the values of her oppressors - good -
we have a label - now, the only thing she controls is what goes in, what comes out -
she rules this small world eat my baby know you don't want to when she eats she's a monster when she throws up she's a monster.